Pub League

Pub League Format:
  • Each fixture is 3 sets of 5 singles. So 15 frames to be played on the night with 2pts for a win or 1pt for a draw.
  • The group will be decided on points, frames and then head to head. All matches to be played home and away.
  • Note that a handicap system is in place so that a team that has either 3 or 4 County A or B players (Max: 3 County A players) will be down one frame from the start and a team that has 5 or more County A or B players will be down 2 frames from the start. Where teams have same handicap they just cancel each other out and start from zero, where they differ they are just subtracted from each other and start from there. All 15 frames must still be played.
  • At the end of these fixtures the top 4 teams will qualify for the semis of the cup. The next 4 will qualify for semis of the shield with the remaining teams going out.
  • The knock out format is different to the groups in that all frames are played but the winner will be decided on the amount of frames won over the 2 nights (handicap included).
  • In both sections for the semis draw, teams finishing in 1st and 2nd will be in one pot and 3rd and 4th in another. Teams finishing highest in table will have choice of venue for first game.
Pub League Groups/Fixtures/Results Link:


Now that we are using League App Live for the Pub League, all players can easily see live scores, match stats and individual stats. You can simply click the link above or download League App Live in your play store.

The name of the League/Username is: Leitrim

From there click on the podium icon for all options.

All captains will select their team using this app with a password given to them.

  • Note that players must have played at least 65% of the frames to be eligible to compete for the County Qualifying positions that comes from the Pub League stats. See County Qualifying page for details.
  • Separate to this a player must play at least one frame in at least 33% of the league matches to be eligible to play in the knock out stages.