Although the Leitrim Pool Association was founded in 1997 the pub league competition has been in existence since the mid seventies. Indeed the Pub League Trophy is named after a founding member of the Pub League, the late John William Carthy of Carthy’s Pub in Leitrim Village.

There are eight players on each pub team and over the winter months each team plays home and away matches in a league format. It’s a highly competitive league which provides a great social scene for the players involved and helps the local businesses in the process.

At the end of the league, the Top 4 ranked teams play to win the John William Carthy Memorial Cup and the next 4 ranked teams play to win the Oliver Lee Memorial Shield. The association also keeps a record of the all games played during the year with the Top 3 ranked players given the chance to represent Leitrim at the IPA Inter County Championships in May.

Your rank is based on frames won and you must have played in at least 70% of the frames.