Premier League

Premier League Format
  • 2 Groups with matches to be played from Sunday to Sunday. All games have to be played in the Drumshanbo Pool Hall.
  • First to 8 with each player starting from their handicap. Handicaps limits are +4 and -7.
  • Handicaps will be set at start of the league as decided by the Leitrim Pool Executive taking into account the previous years average handicap and perceived ability.
  • Handicap will go up or down one point if a player wins or loses by 4 frames or more.
  • 2 Points for a win, bonus point given for an 8-7 loss only. 
  • Groups sorted on points, matches won, frame difference and head to head.
  • Each player has 3 wildcards that can be used if they can’t fulfil a fixture. Players must re-arrange game as soon as possible and remember to play the game at the handicap you were at for that weeks fixture.
  • Each player must pay €5 in envelope at each fixture with their name on it and placed in black box
  • Top 4 from each group will go into the quarter finals to see who becomes Premier League A Champion. Positions 5-8 from each group will play to become Premier League B Champion and positions 9-12 in each group will play to become Premier League C Champion.
  • The draw for the knockouts will see first position in Group 1 play position 4 in Group 2 and position 2 in Group 1 play position 3 in Group 2 and visa versa. Same applies to Premier League B and C. Semis Final draws are random.
  • Knockout handicap will be your average handicap for the year rounded up or down
  • Knockout handicap stays same throughout knockout rounds.
  • With entry fee at €40 for Seniors and €10 for Juniors all money will be paid out minus cost of trophies.
  • Winner of each of the Premier League competitions will be awarded a place on the corresponding Leitrim County Team to represent Leitrim at the IPA Intercounty Championships. See County Qualifying page for details.
  • Finals will be played at the Leitrim County Championships.
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