LPA Pub League Group

Pub League Format:

This year will be the same as last year with scotch doubles in the 2nd set. But this year the scotch doubles will be strictly timed. Its one minute per shot with warning after 30 seconds. So format will be 5 singles in set 1, 3 scotch doubles in set 2 and 5 singles in set 3. Matches will be best of 13 frames.

This year sees the introduction of a handicap system where teams are handicapped based on the number of county players on the team. 3-4 county players opposition receives +1 frame, 5 or more county players opposition receives +2

There are 9 teams in the league this year. Each team will play each other home and away which is 16 fixtures.

At the end of these fixtures the top 4 teams will qualify for the semis of the cup. The next 4 will qualify for semis of the shield and 9th place out. In the event of teams on the same points it will go to head to head. In the event of this been a draw it will go down to frames won.

In both sections for the semis draw, teams finishing in 1st and 2nd will be in one pot and 3rd and 4th in another. Teams finishing highest in table will have choice of venue for first game

See below link for updated Pub League Table

Pub League Table Week 16


Please ignore table below refer to link above for pub league table