Pub League Live!

With the 2019/2020 Pub League season about to get underway, Leitrim Pool have decided to transfer all their fixtures, tables, stats etc. over to the new League App Live.

This will be a much improved interactive way of entering the scores and will allow anyone that downloads the app to see live updates from around the league as the frames are being won and lost!

The App will give the fixtures for the season, results, league table, individual player stats (required for County team qualifying) and much more.

Simply download League App Live from your play store. Select the name of the League/Username at the top of: Leitrim

From there click on the podium icon for all options.

Username: Leitrim
Select the Podium for options

All captains will have their own password and will select their team using this.

On the night, the teamsheet line-out will appear for the fixture after both captians have saved their line-out. When each frame is finished each captain will select win or lose as appropriate. At the end of the match and after all frames are complete, only save the result after the handicap on the night where applicable is entered.

Best of luck to all teams.